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What can we do for you?
As Lifestyle Financial planners we will not focus on a financial product but will build a tailored Lifestyle Financial plan for you as our client.

To do this, we will assess your current situation in terms of income and investments, as well as your lifestyle aspects too, such as family set up, job and more. Your Lifestyle Financial Planner will research and listen, delving deep into your life, establishing your short-term and long-term financial goals and what you want to achieve in the future and why. Finding out your motivator and why you want to achieve these things is just as important to us.

Only then, once we feel completely satisfied that we know all we need to know will we devise a personal financial plan. We have the tools to visually forecast your financial future and can determine whether your goals are achievable.

Working with you, we will manage you and your finances for many years to come. We will advise you on financial products and investments, but this is just a necessity of your personal financial plan.

With a Lifestyle Financial Planner, you will be given peace of mind and a sense of direction, knowing that your financial health is being addressed now and into the future.

We will keep you on track of your plan, offering support and education, advising you what actions to take next and when to simply do nothing.

A Lifestyle Financial Planner looks at the bigger picture and you will find you get much more for your money.
As your personal financial adviser and planner, we will look at your personal circumstance to ensure you and your family is protected in the event of an untimely death of a family member.

This is done by using life insurance and we will advice the amount of life insurance needed based on a full Financial needs’ analysis.

In New Zealand we are very fortunate to have a pretty decent Public health system, it does unfortunately not mean it is flawless.

We use private health insurance to fill the gaps and ensure you have cover where the public system might have some shortfalls or not enough cover.

With Private Health insurance we also ensure that when you need tests done or need to visit a specialist to get a diagnosis as soon as possible you are not at the mercy of the public system wait list.
We assist our Corporate clients and business owners to ensure they offer their employees value on top of their normal remuneration package that looks at the employee’s wellbeing and family protection.

In a recent article published by Seek listing the Top 5 work perks employees want in 2019 in New Zealand Health insurance topped the list

We have assisted numerous of our Corporate clients and Business owners to put a Health insurance Group plan in place that provides value to their employees and value to the Employer.
Critical illness cover is becoming a very big part of the discussion we have with almost every client we meet; this addresses the financial implication in the time where a client suffers a serious illness i.e. Cancer, Hearth attack, stroke etc

When someone in the family or household is diagnosed with a serious illness it effects the while family and the financial impact can be catastrophic due to monthly bills and potential medical bills or loss of income due to not being able to work.

We will assist you to identify the amount of cover needed and which benefit provides you with the appropriate cover.
For a lot of Kiwis their ability to earn an income is by far their biggest asset. Let’s use two examples to illustrate the above-mentioned point:

• A client aged 35 earning $65,000.00 Gross per year increasing at an average rate of 3% year will earn $ 3,092,402.00 if they work till the age of 65.
• A client aged 40 earning $100,000.00 Gross per year increasing at an average rate of 3% year will earn $ 3,645,926.00 if they work till the age of 65.
We make sure that by placing the correct income protection insurance in place that should you at any point in this time whether due to sickness or injury your financial plan and income continues.
Owning your own home has always been the quintessential kiwi dream, we will assist you to make this a reality by helping you form the very beginning of the process where you might be wondering if you are saving it the best way possible for your deposit all the way to the day you get the keys in your hand.

We don’t stop there we are also able to help with buying your second home or rental property to start building up long term wealth through your property portfolio.
Assisting you with your long-term goal of retirement planning is one of the most important parts of our services and discussions with you. This again comes back to looking at how we can assist you in making your goals come true.

We help you understand how the Retirement savings products work and how you could be using it best to assist your goals.
We will be able to offer our loyal clients that have their portfolio with us a fixed rate loan on their Cars, boats, commercial vehicle or business loans and more of 9.95%.
Our discretionary investment service is coming soon.
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