It's not about the lighthouse, but what the lighthouse can help you see.

New Zealand Risk Solutions was established

in 2008 as a financial advisory business that focused on ensuring our clients are well aware of the risks they face and providing advice on how to protect against these risks by placing appropriate insurance products in place, as time passed our client relationships grew and the discussions started to involve our clients goals, dreams and aspirations for their futures. This ranged from buying a first home, a second home, looking at a suitable finance partner for their businesses or just making sure their KiwiSaver is in the correct fund for their goals.

Update our brand

With this in mind we found it a fitting time to also update our brand to reflect the new role we are playing in our clients lives. We are very proud of our heritage and thus we are not throwing away our risk management role and we will continue to make sure our clients are well protected against the curve balls life might throw at them but we are now embracing the role of showing the way whilst avoiding risk and act as a beacon to every client we work with.

Personal lighthouse

As a beacon we represent your personal lighthouse whilst you are at the stormy seas called life, we will help you identify your risks and ensure that you are well protected as the foundation of our advice we will then also look at your future goals and how to best use the products available to assist you in achieving them.

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