Let’s begin

with your priorities.

The decisions you make about your life, your money, your family and your business should be made from a place of confidence and sound judgment.

We believe that to do this you need to have a partner who understands your priorities, a trusted expert advisor who really cares. When you make decisions about the areas in your life that are important and genuinely matter to you, you will be able to create a measurable, sustainable and flexible plan.

Our goal is to work with you to craft a plan and choose the financial products that might help you reach your goals, and protect them. First - we need to understand what your priorities are.

Helping you plan for, provide for and protect your future, today.

We help

our clients.

When you work with Beacon Wealth, we will help you uncover:

  • What’s really important to you
  • How you feel about your finances
  • What you would change about past decisions you’ve made to create and protect your wealth
  • Areas where you are financially vulnerable and would benefit from the correct support.


We love what we do. We care about you and what’s important to you.


you can use.

With over three decades of combined experience in our team, we know that many Kiwis are largely unaware of their actual financial protection and products.

If you don’t know what your financial plan looks like, what products you have or why you have them (or actually need them…), then let’s meet at the local for some coffee and a chat.

We provide expert advice to our clients in all matters related to insurance planning, mortgages and KiwiSaver to ensure that our clients have what they need - when they need it!

No worries.

It's not about the lighthouse, but what the lighthouse can help you see.

Our team. Your team.

We are a team of highly experienced financial advisers who love what we do and find pride in our service to our clients. We will assist you along the tricky financial roadmap to wealth and ensure that you are properly protected and covered on your journey along the way.

Our Process

explore | create | choose

Exploring you

Most financial plans begin and end with the products. Your plan needs to begin and end... with you.

Create choices

Having asked the right questions about your life, we will research and create the financial choices that you can choose to best suit you.


With a clear understanding of who you are, and what you want, you can make powerful and informed choices.

Review & enhance

Your life will keep changing, and you should be able to change your choices too. We can review your plan and enhance it when needed by exploring, creating and choosing.
What others say

about their journey

  • Brian
    Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Feels as though you have our backs and there’s full trust and confidence.
  • Gina
    It is so refreshing and relaxing to have an insurance provider for both our business and personal needs, be so responsive and caring.
  • Barbara
    Beacon Wealth is the best! Johan will take the time to explain all information to the fullest and always there when you need to call on him. We have now gone through Risk Solutions for all our financial needs that one would require.
  • Manlio Chiesa
    Johan is exceptional, is seeking the best for us, always keeping us up to date. We see him as part of the family.
    Manlio Chiesa
  • Venus
    Good Service - thank you!
  • Sarah
    This process was extremely stress free and easy was fantastic - I was kept well informed and updated, it exceeded my expectations.
  • Nguyen
    I was kept well informed and updated, and my needs have been understood and met. The overall experience so far has exceeded my expectations and having Johan present at our offices what very helpful!
  • Mohammed
    My wife and I are so thankful and grateful to Mr. Johan Fritz. We spent many years outside New Zealand, and as we landed in Auckland last August to stay permanently, we contacted Johan, asking him to assist us with the best medical insurance to go with that suits our age and requirements. After a week, John visited our home, with proposed documents that demonstrate various options with very informative data analysis being given that effectively helped us in making our right choice. Johan seemed highly professional, friendly, kind and pleasant. His approach in communicating to clients is highly friendly, and informative.
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Auckland, New Zealand

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